Seedlings 2011

I up-cycled a Zurcher's mylar table covering into some nice light reflective material for the "grow box".  I've since added some to the floor.  It is very early in the season, but we already have one type of tomato started in an effort to have an early harvest.  This is completely experimental and may terribly fail, but the Black Krim seedlings are looking great.  
We also have Zavory mild habeneros going since they are such slow starters.  
Siam Queen, Genovese, and sweet Basil. Can you smell them?  I can.  
And lastly, Rosa Bianca and Ping Tung eggplants.
Yes, I tried to get artsy with the last photo.  I love the purple hairy stems.  

Also started yesterday were Lipstick sweet peppers.  

It's hard to see, but last year our first successful year of starting plants from seed shows a bit of a difference in the effects of lighting used.  We had very warm lights that were hot and had to keep them far from the seedlings resulting in leggy plants.  The cooler in both ways fluorescent lights this year seem to be producing shorter, stockier, very leafy seedlings.  I hope that's a positive side effect.  Next weekend is the big seed start with all the 8 week out normal plantings.  

I am also waiting for Boise PD to come asking about our very bright lighting and mylar grow box.  


  1. Jaysus, that's amazing! So big so soon! So impressed! Grow on, girl!

  2. looking great! mmm, basil. i haven't started any of that yet.

  3. LOL! I was thinking the same thing....that is going to be interesting to explain. :D

    Thanks for sharing....really hungry for eggplant now!


  4. I'm thinking you better watch out the DEA doesn't start sniffing around your "grow operation." ;>


  5. Nice looking seedlings. Ours are in our spare bedroom under lights and just starting to sprout.


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