The internet can ruin some things.

When I was much younger and living in Chicago in the 90's, I was very busy trying to figure out what I was and what I wanted to be.  I had a brief romance with the occult (not the cat killing, or blood drinking kind) and there was a particular book store that fed  my curiosity.  The Occult Bookstore had a small sign, was dimly lit and loads of leatherbound and elegantly decorated books on the dark wood shelves.  The place had no regular hours that I was aware of; it seemed that you had to know somebody to get in.  Being an obvious product of the suburbs, I never managed to figure out how to get in there and unlock the secrets to a new universe.  

It looks like they have a website now.  It really seems to have taken a lot of the mystique out of the place.  I'm also 15 years older and work with dead guys, so my perspective has changed a bit.  


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