Grow Lights, the Legal Kind

For three years I've wanted to have a nice grow light setup for our garden seedlings.  I've been hesitant because those kits are really expensive.  $460.00 for that?  K and I have done a lot of research and we learned that the fancy T5 and T8 bulbs that cost lots more and the fixtures you need for them cost even more, but the efficiency and extra output is actually negligible.    
This op will be full of seedling trays in a few weeks.

This is our $55.10 version.  The trays and seedling mats cost more.  I bought those last year and we are reusing them.  The PVC structure, chains, S hooks, and lights were the products purchased for this build.  

This is the web resource I used for research. This guy did a wonderful exhaustive study of seedling and general plant lighting.  Please take the time to check it out.  It will answer a lot of questions.  

I got the two fixtures for under $10 a piece at the local hardware store.  the bulbs were just over $6 a pair for each fixture.  If you were too lazy to read the aforelinked  page, we used these bulbs:


  1. Cool! Cause nothing is growing outdoors in our area for a while :D



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