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I've never watched Gray's Anatomy, but I've seen Brandi Carlile twice.  The first time I saw her and the band, I'd never heard of them, they are amazing in concert- true entertainers.  When I first started out working in the morgue I was a forensic technician assisting autopsies.  Doing my work often evokes all sorts of emotions-disgust, compassion, anxiety, compassion- I always seem to go back to compassion.  I would spend hours in the morgue, cleaning, prepping, assisting, handling personal effects, collecting evidence... too many things to list.  This song was often played on the boom box back there.  If you really listen to the words, you might understand how they apply directly to my work and how humbling the whole experience can be.  Here's a link to the official video of the song that sounds better but didn't fit the visual for my purpose.

I started out in the music business in the early 90's.  I know, how the hell did I end up in Boise doing what I do now.  To know me is to know my whole convoluted story.  This song/video appeals to both the recording engineer and death lady I have come to be.  I find it darkly beautiful and in no way related to the opening of the ribcage done during autopsy. Note-I don't do that part anymore.  

One of the saddest things I have to do is investigate the deaths of infants.  This song helps me remember the parent/parents perspective.  This video was definitely inspired by a Coroner/Medical Examiner investigation.  Here is their website.

Damn, I had a tough day and may need to cry a little bit.  Later.                          ~I have one of the best jobs.


  1. i'm sorry you had a tough day. i really like that brandi carlile song too, even though it's not the kind of thing i typically would like. and the cloud cult song is great, i think i'm going to get that album.

    has anyone ever told you you look a bit like the lead singer of florence and the machine? more than just the red hair, although that's part of it.

    here's a really neat song/video i think you might like... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu3EcAHdHlE

  2. Thank you for sharing these songs. They are great, especially Brandi Carlile. I get so stuck in my daily rut, I never see what is going on around me sometimes. It's nice to see new things through other people's eyes. I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing your insights. You have a very interesting job and view on things in this world. It's refreshing to read.


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