Yellow Flowers and Dangerous Plants

 The Forsythia is in full bloom. I'm not a big fan of yellow flowers, I'm not sure why, but the forsythias the harbinger of spring in the inland northwest,so I do love the plant this time of year.
 This is the completed rhododendron bed.I added the creeping plant that was very happy near this site to soften the stone wall. We got drip irrigation running to the bed to keep them happy. Our soil is alkaline here, so the bed needed to be raised and was fortified with pine needles and rhodi fertilizer. 
 More yellow flowers. Who can't love daffodils? I actually had to tune down the yellowness of the photo because it was too intense. 
Lastly, I picked up a hardy agave from one of the local nurseries a few days ago. I've been so envious of several garden bloggers having these. These little guys are hanging out on my desk until I build our new concrete block planter wall next to our front door. I'll post progress soon. Our theme is going to be Voodoo garden, so spiky plants are in order. 


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