Garden Prep and New Growth

 This entryway bed was pretty much just like this, but with dark lava rock that was getting shabby looking. I dug up the lava rock and screened it since there was a good 3 inches of sand underneath-score!This bed is about 6 feet wide under the  octagonal window and about 12 feet long. It was a dead space where I had the bicycle planter. We plan on painting the house a darker, warmer color and both like the look of "Mexican" beach pebbles. It gets 6 hours direct sunlight in the beginning of the day. I plan to lay down some square concrete pavers and fill in the rest with the pebbles. On top of that will go a concrete block planter with various drought tolerant sun loving plants. The little hardy agave will go in there with hens and chicks and some annuals for yearly change.
New soil and compost were turned into the bed with amendments. Peas go in tomorrow and the irrigation will get put back in. 
Kyle did an expert job pruning the clematis plants and they are thriving. 


  1. Nice! We had lava rock for a while out front. It's very difficult to weed around and not prick your hands constantly, finally got rid of it. The pebbles will look nice!
    LOVE your header by the way.


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