Damned Pinterest

Our entryway "garden" got some attention last year with the bicycle planter. This year I really wanted to redo the entire thing, so I dug out all of the lava rock mulch that was black and looking ratty.
We pass by this spot at least twice a day, every day of the year and it seemed to me that we could make it more inviting and interesting. The house faces south so we get blasted with 90-100 degree heat and full sun. We also plan to repaint the house a warmer brown-grey. The current color is what I refer to as gross light greenish grey. So with a warmer background, I thought some cooler colors would serve us well. In came pinterest- just look up "cinder block planter" or "concrete block planter". I know it's a bit of a fad, but it isn't permanent, but at least a few years should be nice as I regularly like to make changes. I don't think anyone has ever heard me say " that's perfect, I'm never going to change that".

This is a better overview of the whole thing:
Fortunately there was a good three inches of sand beneath. So I screened out the rocks and leveled the sand. 
Our little evergreen is twice as big as last year.I left the run of the mill orange day lilies because I can't afford to replace everything all at once and they sure perform well in that spot. The little clump closer to the door is a Kniphofia or red hot poker plant. This area gets no water at all in the summer, so I need drought tolerant plants that I can hit with the hose one a week if needed. 
Today I played around with the blocks and pavers, they were out of the standard 8x8x16 blocks at the home store and I knew I'd want some half ones so I bought these. I'll go back when they are re-stocked. Next, imagine the spaces between the pavers and blocks filled with Mexican beach pebbles.
The "planter" will be about three courses high at the top or higher if I build it two blocks deep instead of one. So there is  at least one more trip to the home store and one to the rock quarry. 
 The little hardy agave is the whole inspiration for this garden. I'm gonna need more plants!


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