Spring Bloom

The fruits of our fall labor in planting 300 or so bulbs sure makes me happy each day I get home from work. We may move some of them for more spaces for other perennials and pockets of annuals. I'm thrilled with the explosion of color. One of our neighbors came over, completely mysified and asked "how did you do that?". They must not have been looking out the window last October/November. Oh, I'll bet the Halloween display threw them off...
 We imagined getting a house with lots of character, maybe something older, but none of those houses were much more than dumps, so we went for this place that has quite a large lot for the neighborhood. I think if we get a new tree (the maple in front is diseased) and maybe a pergola over the front window with some sort of flowering vine, this place could gain a lot of charm. A new paint job is a must. I call this color drab greenish gray.
 A view of my bicycle planter in the daylight. The back basket will be planted with masses of flowers.
My current favorite view is the one looking out the front door. The goal was to make it more inviting. Now we really have to get a no soliciting sign. 


  1. I just LOVE tulips and spring flowering bulbs. They are the cheeriest. It's nearly impossible to not be lifted up by them. Great job!

  2. As to the paint color.....I was at a knitting group the other day, and they were complaining about the neighbor painting their house a medium blue color, and "how hideous it was." My only thought was, at least it's a real COLOR! Ha ha!

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