We went to Edwards Nursery and got two shorter clematis plants for a container on our deck. I tried clematis before, but the exposure at our old house wasn't good. I'm hoping these guys are happy in one of the huge containers we scored last fall. All I need is a trellis and our hostas to get bigger. I wasn't sure what to pick, but we took a lot of time and some of the plantings they had as examples showed us we had to get two different types for added interest. This is what we chose
 The first is "Multi-Blue" a 7'-8' pruning type 2.
 This is "Ice Blue", we just fell in love with it, evenings on the patio will be spectacular with this one.
We lucked out and found a few with blooms, I can't wait to watch them grow. 


  1. Those are so pretty! I'm jealous of the weather you must have to be able to get started on your gardening. I'm going to be growing in a small greenhouse this year, so I'll be able to start a little earlier. There's no way the ground is ready yet!

    1. You won't envy me in August. It'll be 100 degrees for weeks and we'll have wildfire smoke rolling through town.

  2. We have a freeze warning for the next two nights, but the tulips and such are O.K. We brought the clematis plants in for the night. They wont get planted for about a week.

  3. We have the multi blue and LOVE it. We've tried many different clematis, some make it, some don't, but we don't mind trying them.

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