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I like the deconstructed look that this Etsy Seller has.

But I also don't want to make a bunch of asymmetrical funky stuff that screams "Hey, I have a SERGER!" I also love the look of Joan Harris from Mad Men.

I also like this, I know, nerd, right?

Since I am me, I decided to buy a fabric I liked and then design a dress for it using a pattern and making some changes. This is the pattern I chose. Simplicity 2337 as seen on Pattern

Since this is my first several pieced pattern I decided a musin was the way to go with this project. So I got to tracing and cutting. I know most people don't trace their patterns, but I like to.

Those are my tuna can pattern weights. The curve is to adjust the pattern for my proportions which span several sizes (hence why I've taken up sewing). I like the muslin because I can mark directly on the fabric the changes I need to make.

Its my lumpy body double.

After lots of changes, seam ripping, and re-basting, I finally gave in and decided to try the muslin out and actually cut my real fabric. I had chosen a really soft 4 way stretch grey corduroy.  This is what I have so far.

Remember, the dress form is a bit lumpy so the seams don't look great in the photo.

Lumpy boobs.

The collar is cut on the bias so the grain of the corduroy lays differently and splits on the left shoulder. The stones are going to be little accents on the collar and cuffs, that is when I get some sleeves.  That's as far as I've gotten so far. So I can see the Mad Men and Star Trek influence, but where is the Etsy influence? I was going to do the skirt with an extra panel, but decided not to. I may add an element to the hip like a ruffle, but I'm not sure. 
Some more views to show that the nap isn't always so obvious. 


  1. Looks awesome! I am super impressed! I love the stones and the collar. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. That is really beautiful. I think when you get it on, you'll be surprised how much that cowl reminds you of the etsy drape. I have a red dress with a cowl similar to that (because I like to blend into a crowd- ha!) and playing with the drape to show a brooch or display a bit of collarbone is great fun.

    I wish I could sew. You rock.


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