Last Post for Season of Shadows

I just added a new blog to the list I follow- Season of Shadows. I just read the final post and was so moved. There are so many blogs out there by haunters that it is almost impossible to know of all of them. Rest in peace John and thank you for making Halloween a wonderful place. His blog will be maintained by family so we can all get some inspiration and how-to's. Here is his last post.


  1. I've been a reader of SOS for a while, and was also very moved by his final post. I hate to use the word "classy", but it really was a classy farewell. What a good soul. He will be missed.

  2. it is really so strange to read the thoughts of someone who knows they're about to die and has made peace with it. good for him. he sounds like a great person.

  3. that post upset me a great deal. I've been following his blog for a good while and he's such a vibrant and giving soul -- I've been angry as well as sad--once again, an example of bad things happening to good people. thanks for sharing his blog.


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