Too Griswald?

Even though I didn't go as far as Kim K and her recent mockery of the "institution" of marriage, some might find that I went a bit Griswald with the light show thing. Ms. K recently claimed that she got caught up in the magic of her wedding, enough so, that she lost sight of what was happening. I sorta did the same thing and realized that I was going for more of an ambient effect with the 2011 haunt, that I never made a good ambient sequence in the first place. We ended up on the big night playing the only 4 song sequences that I did "complete" so it would be more fun for the TOTs. Next year, I don't plan on making many changes with the props, but I do want to flesh out some good ambient spooky "soundtrack" and some effective slowly changing lighting effects to reflect the mood of the soundscape. I'm thinking green for creepy sinister, blues for ghostly sounds, reds for the basso nefarious sounds, etc... 

So if you don't find any rock show in next year's haunt. that's O.K. with me. I'd like to start with some low candlelight that slowly builds to something creepy, eerie, and sinister. 
This is as close as I got and is the ONLY video of that sort of lighting for 2011:


  1. I like the sounds of creepy, eerie, and sinister soundtrack. Hope you find it. I am going to be on the lookout for some new sounds for my haunt. I like the static lighting just need some creepy other world music to go with it.

  2. Sounds good. I can't imagine how you could improve the visuals other than hiding a real person or two in there to scare the kids. Playing around with the lights and sounds, sounds like fun to me!

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