And Now For Something Completely Different, uh, again

This is my favorite Monty Python sketch.

I've used that headline before. The post from a few days ago with the same headline turned into something very meaningful to me. This blog started with gardening, then I added haunt and some work anecdotes. The readership has grown, modestly, and probably mostly due to Pumpkinrot's links and my activity on haunt forum. But the reason I changed the name of the blog was to encompass me and my life more. Please don't be turned off if I one day soon put up a post about something most people deal with every day but gets little attention. I'm writing about body image. I know guys, cringe all you want, but it is something I think most of us  have issues with, be it overly zealous about a perfect figure to self hatred. I'd like to point out some realizations I've made recently about my own self image and I would like to share some of my findings on this blog. 

I am not changing the theme of the blog because I have deemed it my blog and I can do what ever the hell I want with it. Trust me there are many gardening, haunting, cooking, and macabre topics to be covered in the future. I'm sure you hard core fans of one or a few of those topics may have dealt with this one and I'd love to see some feedback on this uncharted water I'd like to dip my toes into. 


  1. Three words...bring it on!

    I feel that blogs are extensions of ourselves and I've learned a lot about myself by the writings of others and their opinions on life.

  2. i'm with macabre on this one. : )


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