Weekend Update

The dwarf water lily opened it's first bloom today. There are three more coming up from the depths. They open in the direct sunlight and start to close as soon as the sun moves over the peak of the house in the early afternoon. I love the creamy texture of both the petals and the stamens and pistles.
The fish are quite happy in their new home now that the water is warming up. They are still camera shy, but I watched them pig out on some supplemental food so that they don't eat too much of the plants. There is an all black one this year that I hope to capture with the camera.  
Sadie likes her fish flavored water trough. 


  1. Your water lily is so beautiful! Do you bring the flowers/fish inside for the winter?

  2. Well, the lily stays outside in the bottom of the tank (covered next year). I only had one fish last fall due to herons (my hypothesis). The little guy didn't make it through the winter, but I think that was due to my poor winterizing. I've heard they pretty much go dormant. I let too much leaf litter in and I think he ended up in a bit of an anaerobic environment. He became garden fertilizer.

  3. Oh, the reason I keep calling him he is because he was dark colored and named after the man in black from LOST. Jacob, the white one was the second last to live.

  4. I bet Sadie likes her fish flavored water. Chelsea LOVES when I feed our fish. I try to do it when she's in the house because she'll practically get in the pond to reach some of that floating deliciousness.


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