Harvest Monday

Tiny Harvest
I filled the bottom of a ramekin with yellow wonder alpine strawberries. If you look back in my blog, you'll find more commentary on these little buggers that you could possibly want. 

We got our first ground cherry, I'm still working on how to describe the flavor. Seeds for both types of plants were from Baker Creek.

open ground cherry


  1. Wow, every fruit that I would think of as red becomes yellow in your yard. :) I've never seen a ground cherry ~ that's pretty cool!

  2. That is really cool! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


  3. hmm, maybe we do have different types of ground cherries...mine tend to have little red speckles on them, and i think they might be slightly smaller. hard to tell from the photos though. i'm looking forward to seeing how the flavors of yellow and red alpine strawberries compare.

  4. I grew a pineapple tomatillo (which is really a ground cherry and not a tomatillo). I lvoed those little things. So tasty and made a great salsa. But those were easy to describe. Like pineapple. Sort of.

  5. Nice. We'll have to try the ground cherries again some year. We're just getting some ripe strawberries now.


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