We head out in about an hour. I made these for the party. Link to the event information. Link to Amber's blog. I get to wear a costume in June, one of the cool things about Boise is that costume events are pretty abundant.  


  1. Those masks are beautiful and that event sounds amazing! Have fun. :)

  2. those turned out fabulous. i thought about going to that tonight but i'm exhausted after a week of family visiting from out of town...i need a lazy night.

    hope you're having fun! i can't wait for rlvs tomorrow night. lucky you getting to see them twice in one weekend.

  3. @ Emily. We were not the norm. People kept expecting us to be part of the show. Amber's structures were great, there were too many wanna be Sun Valley types there. RLVS did great and Amber was a gracious host.


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