Types of Meningitis

There are basically four different types of meningitis.  In general, they are classified by their cause: viral (virus), bacterial (bacteria), fungal (fungus), or amoebic (amoeba). 
Viral meningitis is the most common of the types of meningitis, and is typically less serious than bacterial (which has a high fatality rate).  The most common viral attack is typically from the coxsackie and echovirus(two viruses that are part of a group called enterovirus – which is the group that contains the polio virus). Less common causes include complications due to measles, polio, or chickenpox viruses.

I will find out soon if I was accidentally exposed to one of these.  Seriously.  Well, me and many others.   Don't worry, I'm inoculated for the worst kind and had prophylaxis, but it is still creepy.  The thing that kills me (ha ha) is that there are people that think we don't deserve a pay hike.  Jimminy, I walk into strange houses every day and we don't know whats going on in them.  Sorry for the rant.  Hopefully I'll soon have some pics of the painting I'm working on.  Why can't I make a living on my creations?

Update: The state lab called to let us know it wasn't meningitis after all.


  1. wow...hope this turns out ok for you...very scary. (I vote for you to get a pay hike!)

  2. yikes!
    That's gotta be un-nerving. Good luck to you.

    wouldn't that picture make a great blacklight poster, though?

  3. damn, that is really scary. my uncle died from meningitis a few years ago. i'm so glad it was a false alarm in your case.

    can't wait to see the painting!

  4. 4 KINDS!? Now I have something bright, shiny and NEW to worry about catching!

    Seriously, I'm glad you're not infected. Police and firemen/women are the most underpaid professionals if only for the fact they put their lives on the line for us.

  5. Yes they are, I'm not police but Coroner's office. We are the lonely stepchild of the three.

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