Morgue Feet

Morgue Feet, originally uploaded by Hassle Glad.

I am so glad we don't use the drawer type cooler. How do you get in there to clean? I hope they have a crane to lift the bodies to the height of the shelves. this is terrible design that gets used all the time on T.V. and the movies. What about all the jumbo sized Americans I bring back to the office all the time? The way to go my friends is a large walk in cooler where you just wheel the tables in and some stacking racks on the side for long term storage. Think realistically, what about maggots and blood? That would be disgusting.  Oh and we don't use fabric sheets, that makes no sense.  We use plastic envelopes, that way you don't get any on you when you move them around.  

Welcome to my world.


  1. hahaha wow, i can't believe i never thought of those issues with that design! it's totally the ubiquitous representation of a morgue, like you said, i guess i just never questioned it. crazy.

    have you ever seen the movie "unrest"? it's pretty silly. i doubt this is at all realistic, but they have this giant tank filled with preservative liquid and cadavers that they catch using a long hook.

    "hair extensions"...that's a damn good cadaver-related movie. (and in it they use a walk-in cooler rather than drawers). i hope you've seen these--it must be so fun (or maybe frustrating?) watching movies like that with the perspective you've gained from your job.

  2. Yeah, the city where I live uses a large walk-in cooler in the city/county morgue, but some of the out-lying counties actually had some of the worst designed morgues you could imagine! It is pretty comocal the things you see in movies and even tv crime shows! My wife went to school for forensic chemistry and had a lot of criminal justice/procedure education and she loves to point out all the short comings in movies. As a former funeral director in New York State I have met every type of pathologist, coroner and medical examiner and it always amazes me to see such stereotypes in movies and tv. Great post Feral, really was a walk down memory lane for me! Thanks!

  3. well, that was an education! stuff I never thought about before and a few things I had a good chuckle over! thanks for an entertaining little read! :)

  4. All the corpses brought in aren't beautiful, tanned and toned people with just a touch of gray in their skintone to let you know they're dead?! Awwwwwww, you just messed up my preconceptions, especially the forensics investigator wearing only a vest in your other post (LOL)!
    BTW, LOVE your describing the life and times of real world forensics, fascinating to say the least!

  5. My, you're turning into a veritable Dr. Brite.


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