Haunt 2010 Video

Click the picture to see the video:

Argh!  5 hours later after sorting through pics and trying to figure out Windows Movie Maker, This is it.  Time for a break and some rest before work early in the morning.  Don't worry, Kyle already got me a better cooler for next year! 

We had a wonderful Halloween.  The yard was a hit to some very surprised neighbors.  Both TOT's and their parent's really liked the haunt.  It was so fun to see faces light up and to hear little kids yell "Happy Halloween!" as they jumped off the porch to go stand in front of the cauldron and reach out to touch a witch.  

Now, the snows can come and bring with them that other favorite time of year- Ski and Hot Springs Season!


  1. that was a great video! I love the haunt, the witches are really stunning, really very cool.

  2. love those witches! great work Feral!!

  3. awesome video--perfect mood music. so good to see all your hard work paid off.

  4. Those witches look evil! Great video.



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