So I Bought the Red Headed Stepchild of Bikes

With our new home, my commute is increasing and my beloved 29'er hybrid is feeling really heavy. I was afraid of the road type bikes when I started riding again, but I've found myself pushing as hard as I can on my rides and let's face it, I ride mostly on pavement/greenbelt. I made the choice with the help of a coworker to delve into the cyclecross world which unfortunately, around here starts at appx. $1,200 for an entry level bike. 

I went with the online store and got a 2014 Motobecane Cyclecross Trail, which I thought would be fairly well suited for year round commuting. Let me tell you, if you order a bike online from a distributor, you get to know your bike a whole lot more because you have to assemble it. I figured if I could mud a new wall, I could put the bike together.

So here it was, ready to be partially assembled. It was actually really easy.
Doesn't it look fast?

I'd read that the saddle pretty much sucks, so I used the seatpost and my old dolce that I love from the 29'er. This one didn't come with pedals and I need to get my combi's off the 29'er, but for the life of me I can't get them loose. I'll ask Kyle for some help when he gets home from new home repairs. It is a lot lighter than my other bike and the shifting is different, but I've been riding for quite a while now and am a lot more comfy on my bike than I used to be. Thant is, with my helmet and rear view mirror. I'll ride it a bit and probably take it into the local shop for a tune up. Oh, and it is disc break compatible if I want to make the upgrade. 


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