I think I'm finally out of the worst of the grief funk from losing Sadie. I still miss her a ton, but my heart has finally accepted that she is gone. I actually got off my hindquarters and rode my bike to work and back three days in a row. That is a first in months. I also learned today that Lucy made friends with a female German shepherd dog today and the spent most of the day palling around. We weren't sure how long it would take for her to warm up to a girl. Still no word on the house and I welcome a weekend without house stuff. Oh, and I got the July schedule figured out without having to screw anybody over covering 24/7 with four vacations and a vacancy. We are all going to have to pull through until we get that spot filled.

House hunting is not as fun as I thought it would be. There are lots of disappointments out there. A break for the weekend is fine with both of us.

This is nothing what my haunter freind Dave has gone through, but wow. Grief really does a number on a person.

-written by someone who works with the dead.

Our new Lucy, with whom I've been bonding. Her Breath stinks, but I kinda like it. 


  1. My old lab had really horrible breath and has more dental issues than my Shepherds. I finally tried this gel and it seems to be helping a lot! MUCH better doggy breath!

    Hope that helps!

  2. pets teach us so much. they love so eagerly. with their shorter loves, they position us to learn the hard lessons of loss, love and detachment... I've had the blessing of sharing my life with several canines for the run of it. always rich. always hard to let go.


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