Stock Tank #3

I am trying to patiently wait for Kyle to finish mowing so I can get this tank set up. More photos to follow.
It is early in the season. We have 5 fish left, floating water lettuce, dwarf pink generic water lily- divided into two plants, Walter Pagels white water lily divided into two plants, Black Taro, Pink Cana, underwater water sprite and two other oxygenators. Corkscrew rush needs to be re potted before putting into the lower tank. Obviously the planters need grasses to help shade and add movement with summer breezes. This is about 250 gallons of stock tank pond in all. I can't wait to find our new home and move this setup in a garden room corner.

We got two Black Moor goldfish that are currently hiding in crannies in the sheep tank.
I repotted the Corkscrew Rush, Black Colossus, and a pink Canna in plain clay kitty litter and covered that with aquarium gravel. This was my first time using kitty litter and I'm quite pleased. 


  1. Your stock tanks look so nice, neat and clean!

    1. Oh thanks, this is after several hours of Dirty Jobs type mucking. The new one is easy, it has yet to get dirty.


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