New Friends

After a horrible night of tears and pain with crappy sleep and tears upon awakening I realized that this home has to have a dog in it. We are apparently dog people and the silence with no flopping wiggle shakes or claws ticking on the floors was going to kill us. We decided to open our home to a new four legged. She was found on the streets and had no name. She was quiet and had soulful eyes. We bit the bullet and brought her home this afternoon. Last afternoon our hearts were broken by the loss of our sweet sweet girl Sadie. Today we met Lucy. She's asleep, curled up on a dog bed behind me in the office. 
She's not as tall or beautiful as Sadie, but she has a sweet face and had been in the shelter for too long. I hope we learn to find a love as strong with this girl as we did with our sweet Sadie. 


  1. oh, I'm so sorry about your losing Sadie. The pain is terrible, I know. I lost one of my horses to colic in October and I still cry just about every day. We did the same thing--(adopted a pony from the humane society) and giving a home to another animal in need helps a lot. all my animals are 'rescues' (5 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses). each of them has a special place in my heart that can never be filled by another but I've got plenty space in that ol' heart--I can always squeeze more in. My condolences and best of luck with little Lucy.

    1. Thank you Pam. I remember your loss. I love that we have that room in our hearts.

  2. Glad you saved her! Perfect prescription for heartache. Just remember strength is not in never falling down, but rising each and every time that we do.

  3. She looks adorable. Good choice. So brave of you to take in a new dog so quickly, but good job! I LOVE rescues!


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