A Poem for Sadie

I wasn’t there when she entered this world
I didn’t give her a name
She was trouble, a liability that I took on
For the rest of her days

We learned to share our lives together
Enjoying the company
Her soft black fur
The smell of her head
her laugh

Then we let another into our lives
Two flawed humans and a flawed dog
A family who learned together
Years of happiness and companionship

Suddenly pain fear, trembling
the only way she could let me know
The future turned bleak
The decision was made

Listless tired and in pain
Her eyes closed and breath ceased
In our arms helpless and loved
Now ashes in a little box

We were fortunate to be there when she left this world.

We miss you so very much sweet baby girl.


  1. A good friend of mine had her companion of 14 years put down last fall. It just crushed her. She's still getting over it. And she sometimes sleeps with his ashes.

    1. Then spending the few hours that night sleeping on Sadie's dog bed makes me feel a bit more normal. I woke up in her bed, holding her collar. It seems to strange to have walked into the hospital with her and only having her empty collar to hold onto when we left. I couldn't even go home at first. We went for another walk on the greenbelt with me clutching that collar. It is at my bedside every night. It is so big. Such a big space to fill.


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