Last Light of 2012

It is unbearably cold but I got a set of diopters to fake a macro lens so Sadie and I did a walk about the yard in the last of the day's and year's light to capture some of the colors of the season. Everything is pretty dead and muted, I picked these four out:

I found that all is not drab and ugly, 
Happy New Year!


  1. Those are beautiful. In addition to teaching me to light a haunt, you now must teach me to use a camera. Wow.

  2. Aww Pensive, I'm a total newbie. I took over 100 shots to get these. Thank the gods for digital.

  3. is that an artichoke flower in the second photo? happy new year!

    1. cool, i didn't even know you were growing them. they're such neat looking flowers, i love that color.


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