Walter Pagels

This is the first bloom of my new Walter Pagels mini white water lily. It was named after a aquatic plant guru Walter Pagels. This is a fitting new plant for me because I had a turning point in water gardening this year. I no longer was shopping for plants to fill in for the plant department of the tanks that hold my fish, I became really interested in the different types of plants and perhaps overwintering more and keeping them year after year. This year I ordered several types of plants online. I have flowing green strap-like, red leafy, and furry looking green underwater plants. I have two hardy lilies, the generic yet bountiful pink water lily and this new one. I've got tiny little floating plants that the fish like to eat that used to provide shade until the younger plants grew in. I also have a huge canna lily, a horsetail rush, and a dwarf cattail. I hope to make a major expansion next year if we find a house this fall. 


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