Late Summer

The wildfire smoke has been horrible this year, the worst in my 10+ years in Boise. The heat has been pretty bad as well. At least its a dry heat?
Walter Pagels
 First multiple bloom on the pink lily
 Multi-colored tomatoes
Tomato pergola in full swing


  1. Look at all those different tomatoes! What a beautiful basket. What kind of tomatoes are those larger golden ones? That pink lily is gorgeous too!

  2. i wish this summer was more like your pond. all lush and wet and colorful. it is way, way too hot and dry and washed out with smoke :(

  3. @ Justine they are orange icicles, so far, the jury is out they are a bit mealy.

    @Emily, our yard looks like crap, the gardens look like crap, the only respite we have is the water features that I have babied all summer.

  4. The air has been appalling! I've never seen anything like it and I've lived here most of my life.
    Your water lilies are lovely!

  5. That basket is amazing and most cute


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