I've been noticing wasps in the garden, especially around the Dinosaur Kale. I did some research, and wasps are excellent predatory insects. They'll hunt caterpillars, aphids, and some ants. I guess we'll have to share the garden with these guys, since we are growing organically and free insect control is the best. 

We've recently purchased a Neem oil product to deter spider mites and squash bugs. So far so good. 


  1. You'll have to wait until later in the evening to spray the neem oil as to not bother the bees & wasps. Also, mix just a drop or 2 of baby shampoo in with your water before you mix up your batch of neem oil, helps keep the oil & water mixed well while spraying.

  2. We wait till evening to spray, so far its working.


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