First of July

We harvested the peas. Sugar Daddy and Lincoln turned out well. The Sugar Pods went bitter and mealy way to fast, I think we'll pass on those next year.
I added duck weed to help shade the water while the other plants get bigger. We had a nasty scare with Ich and the fish, we lost at least 5 of them, but with treatment and time, the survivors are better.
The Triumphator Lilies are in bloom again and smell wonderful.
Honey Bunch
Orange Icicle
White Queen
Mortgage Lifter is starting to show some color.


  1. I've always loved the look of duck weed. Looks so natural to me. That's a beautiful lily! Great shots of the tomatoes. We don't have any that big yet.

  2. lovely peas and maters and lilies! i wanna come over for a garden tour.


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