July Mayhem Ends in Disaster

The day started great. Emily and I did our own private garden tours today and saw each other's gardens for the first time since we met last year. These are the photos of Emily and Jason's feudal garden near my house. It is such a pretty and inviting space. I could have spent hours there.
If only the day could have ended up here.
It was so pretty. We did more garden sneaks including Emily's and I am embarrassed to say I was too shy to photograph and then got so caught up in the tour that I forgot. Andy the dog was also a show stealer. He is so cute. Emily has so many different tomatoes, herbs, eggplants, all tucked in every nook of her yard. When you walk into the yard, at first, you'd never know there was a huge vegetable production at first glance. I had a great afternoon.

Who knew what disaster would strike later in the night...

Moving on to evening, Sadie had her first date in ages. I think I was more nervous than she was. Tonight Kyle and I took Sadie over to J and S's house to meet Rufus-their brand new prison puppy. He is a Manchester Tiger Hound. 
Super dog butt :)
We had the best date EVAR!

Then we came home to disaster. Things could have been far worse, far far worse, but dang! Why?
Yup, our neighbor's tree that has been dropping widow makers since we moved in during each late summer wind storm dropped a big one that brought a line down. It also brought down the tomatillos, a brandy wine, and who knows what else. It's about 11:24 PM and we are waiting for Idaho Power to do whatever it is that they do (yes we have power amazingly). The tree pulled the conduit right out of the house and yanked our back porch light out. 
We can't use the back door or back light right now.
Who knows when Idaho Power will show. They had 47 emergency calls tonight. This late summer wind storm thing is typical for this area. The wildfires also flourish this time of year. We don't get tornadoes, hurricanes, or tsunamis, but we do get the late summer electrical wind storms that result in downed lines and fires. Luckily we didn't have a fire. Also luckily, I had such a great day that I don't mind too much right now. I may bitch about the lost plants tomorrow though. 

Follow up: Idaho Power responded in about an hour and told us that if we flipped the breaker for the garage power the lines would be safe. I still have yet to hear from the property management company since we called  three days ago. Figures.

Follow up Follow up: The homeowner finally called me and was really concerned that we and the house are O.K. I have a feeling a certain property management company may be loosing a client. 


  1. oh no!! that's awful...and now i feel like i transferred my disaster day curse over to you. at least the branch missed all the peppers and eggplants, and maybe you can try rooting branches of the brandywine that came down? rufus is so cute. i can definitely see the liger resemblance. thanks for taking such nice photos of the feudal garden, i don't have a lot of pictures of it at this stage.

  2. I'm really glad everyone is o.k.--and the lost plants may be disappointing, but minor in the long run, compared to losing your house in an electrical fire.

    And doggie play dates do make everything all better! Your pup is a cutie-pie!

  3. wow. guess you have to console yourself with the knowledge that it could have been much, much worse. on another note--beautiful feudal garden and very cute pups!

  4. Yeah, that is not something you want to come home to! At least the rest of your day looked fun. That garden looked really healthy!

  5. We cleaned it up after Idaho Power said it was O.K. The wires are still hanging and the conduit is still bent and pulled out, and guess what, the rental management company has never called me back, almost 24 hours later.

  6. Hi Gone Feral, this is Kevin writing from Idaho Power. I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to check in. I found your blog and your pictures, and just wanted to make sure everything was OK. So sorry for the inconvenience. Please be careful around those wires and do let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. Take care! --Kevin

  7. That storm took out my friend's tree also. Glad you're all OK and hope you didn't lose too many plants.


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