Harvest Monday

Yes, the big day has arrived. This is the first tomato of 2011. I hope many more will grace my kitchen windowsill.  I won't sit long, but I need to show the rest of the tiny harvest.
We keep getting more yellow wonder alpine strawberries and the ground cherries are ripening.
This was the fate of the first black krim of the year. 
Stack them any way you want and add just a couple drops of the truffle oil. Summer has finally arrived.
We also hauled in about 25 lbs of peas. Some will be shelled and others will be cooked in a pan with oil and salt to sear them and eat like edamame. I found that the shells soften up nicely, I just pull off the string and poop the whole thing in my mouth. Very tasty.

On the Halloween front, I scored some 1x2's from my friend Sue. They'll be great cemetery fence materials. 


  1. What a harvest! Such a beautiful tomato. I want a bite of what you made with it!

  2. Can I come to your house for dinner....looks oh, so tasty!!! I have wine :D


  3. That is one beautiful tomato. I love the taste of the blacks. It is so different, but so much more complex than a regular tomato. I can't wait for my first Cherokee Purple to come in.

  4. Oh, caprese salad, one of my favs! Nice looking tomato.
    Those strawberries are just precious looking.

  5. wow 25lbs of peas! that's crazy. mine didn't produce well this year. your tomato looks lovely.


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