Challenge Coin

I apparently earned one, I sure think I have dealing with the stuff we have to. I've had firemen run from some of my scenes. Does our office follow the tradition? I dunno. We don't spend much time together after work. After 3+ years doing the job, it was nice to be given one and not have to buy it.


  1. Doing my job I am very aware of how young and lively my hands look.

  2. I love the reverse of the coin. And yes, there's just something about a dead body that let's you immediately know it is, in fact, dead.

    I had to sit with an elderly woman for several hours one day waiting for your office -- well, the local one here -- to come and claim her body. She was sitting on one end of her couch, I plopped down on the other and I had lots of time to really examine her closely.

    For all intents and purposes she could have been sleeping, but the translucence appearance of the skin along with it changing to an alabaster color as the blood drained away let you know this indeed was a dead person.

    There's something very fascinating, and not creepy at all, about seeing death up close.


  3. that's a really cool coin, congratulations!

  4. OK, That is one awesome coin! Congrats. :) I would say you deserve some kind of prize, because I don't think I could handle your job!

  5. Very interesting. Not creepy at all.

    I do just love visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing.



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