The Art of Burlesque Took on the Law and Won

Here in Boise we've had a bit of a legal battle over burlesque performances. Apparently the state police decided to go "undercover" to a show a bit over a year ago. They were legally served alcohol (way to go police), and ahem, saw some underboob. Apparently our antiquated law was being violated at this ticketed over 21 engagement that took place behind closed doors. The threat of underboob is real people! The venue was fined quite a bit of money.

Later last year the ACLU, the venue, and the producer of the show beat the snot out of the case and the law has been changed. Underboob isn't going to cause complete anarchy in Idaho. This show was a celebration of the art of burlesque. I was once more privileged to be there to capture the show. If you want to see underboob, don't look here, go to a burlesque show, oddly enough. burlesque isn't a peep show.


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