Some color from the City of Trees

 I was feeling down and claustrophobic in the house today, so we gathered up the camera, tripod, and some lenses and headed to Boise's amateur photographer hot spot.  Kathryn Albertson Park.
You couldn't swing a cat without hitting a DSLR. It is a great spot for portraits. I'm more of a nature person I guess.

 There was a lot of wildlife to enjoy. We spotted a deer, but she was really well hidden.
 This looks more like a pet bunny, it was HUGE.

 Self portrait.
 Some little kid lost a glittery boot.

 These had a metallic sheen to them. 

After an hour's stroll, I was feeling like my good old self again. I think I'll stalk this park over the next few weeks as the colors aren't in full swing yet.


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