This Endless Summer, Oh My the Heat! Garden Update.

The incessant heat is driving me bonkers. I am looking toward fall, just one evening when I need to wear a hoodie seems a dream, never possible. I have begun to toil and shovel up the tons of gravel lining every edge of the lawn wheelbarrow full by wheelbarrow full at bit each day. We went to the botanical garden yesterday to see what is working at the end of summer in the intense heat. We finally have proudly become household members for the first time as well. The Bot. garden here is small, but neatly planned and I hope to see it grow. This time of year I miss the Chicago Botanical Gardens- oh what an Eden. 
 The back yard is still completely in experimental phase that I am certain will continue as long as we do. My proud Costco purchase was our second "bone daddy" featured on the rickety bench. I have half a heart to leave him out there and let the deadly morning glories overcome him. I'm sure I'll hate myself when I have to cut him out this fall, but I love the idea of a skeleton getting overgrown like it would in nature. We've got more bling and whirligigs around this garden to keep our fish in the stock tanks from being gourmet bird food.
 The lilac hedge lantern garden with head planter. For some reason I love the head planter.
The bicycle planter is in full swing. I think it is more vegetation than steel and rubber now. 
The mulching project is still moving on and we finally got the second tomato pergola set up. 


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