Seedlings 2014

 Most of the seedlings have been put into 2 inch pots, which the petunias seem to be overcoming. I know I will up pot the tomatoes and a few others into 4 inch pots, hopefully not too many. We have about 160 plants started so far. There will  be around 50 more that get started just a few weeks before last frost. Luckily we have s south facing bay window I can move a table into behind the couch if we get caught in a bind. 
Most of the seeds started this winter are flowers. Some annuals and perennials.  I think we have 8 or 9 tomato varieties, mostly small ones like cherries and grapes. Kyle has his jalapenos and I started a couple big Italian peppers for grilling. 

Now all we need to do is build beds and fill them with soil and amendments...


  1. Your tomatoes look great! So big! Kim's just germinated. I got busy and planted some flower seeds indoors yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration! I had kind of a down year last year as we've decided to move out of state for retirement. I think I went through a mini-depression at the thought of leaving my garden, but now I'm getting past that trauma and just want to enjoy it while we're still here. :-)

  2. We're looking at 3 1/2 years from now, probably. We have purchased a house, just need to get it paid before we move up. It's near Kalispell. It would be great to have a visit from you someday.....we're rather close to Glacier National Park.


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