Early Start

I know, it's still January, but I'm getting an early start on some summer flower seeds. Petunias are notoriously slow to start, but since I was successful with teenie wild strawberries that took forever to grow, I am confident these will work. We have two light rigs for our seed starting and a south facing window that these guys will go in when they get big enough. I got some seed starting mix from Edwards, our local nursery. They didn't have the pallet opened yet, so they sold me some directly from the nursery's own stock, that's how cool they are there. It is magical stuff with flecks of mica in it, so it is figuratively, black gold. I've never used a seed starting mix, so I'm excited to see the results (I've always used Miracle Grow potting soil, but have had slight mold problems).

So why am I growing my own flowers from seed? The seed packets I bought for 16 varieties of annuals and perennials cost me $50. I am growing at least 6 of most of them (we have a big yard) which would cost me almost $300 to buy the smallest plants later this spring. Plus, I will get to come home after work and check on them every day, I love that routine. When they germinate, I do a little happy dance.

We are socked in with a horrible inversion, so this is a nice diversion for me. Here's to spring!


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