Haunt Lighting Overhaul

I started a new discussion thread on my haunt lighting on Hauntforum.com where there are so many awesome and talented home haunters and pros alike that help each other work out ideas and make them into functioning projects. While at night my haunt looks pretty cool (at least according to a couple of people), the wires and spotlights look less than desirable during the day. In the past I was using home made spotlights with ultrabright LEDs. I had 20 warm white, 10 blue, 10 green, 10 purple, and 20 red spotlights. Everything but the red had 2 LED's. It all ran on 12 volts, my haunting choice as it is relatively safe. That means I had 70 little spotlights sprinkled throughout the haunt plus 5 skeletons with glowing eyes and 5 singing pumpkins. The wire to connect all of that came out to a few hundred feet.

Here are some photos during daylight:

This year I am replacing almost all of the spotlights with waterproof LED strips that have an adhesive tape backing. Most of these will be placed on the backs of my fence panels with reusable connectors for each panel. I just got the strips in today. I originally had 135 superbright LEDs in my setup. With the new strips I'll have over 1600. They are all dimmable and super low profile.
Here's an example image I got off the web. I ordered mine on Ebay, I got 16 feet each of warm white, green, blue, red, and purple. They also make the RGB strips and even controllers and "light organ" modules that will illuminate the lights with music. I spent countless hours sequencing each light event for my display so I stuck with single color strips still run with Vixenlights and an Arduino. 

My packages shipped from China in about a week and wow, let me tell you, these are slick (and really off gassing). They are much narrower than I thought, so placing them on the back of the fencing should be a breeze. I'll add more as I make more progress.


  1. When everything is said and done, would you be so kind as to post pictures of your lighting? ^_^


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