Inversion Walkabout

we are now in my second least favorite season Boise has. number 1 is wildfire season that happens in late summer. my second least favorite is inversion season that happens in winter. it is continually smoggy with clear skies above that look grey from all the particulate stuck in the bubble that has settled over town.  the highs never get above freezing and the lows dip to the single digits. nonetheless, our little family bundled up for a walk on the green belt.

Sadie was on to something here. She dug and dug for some varmint. Yep that's what we call little animals here.

 These are rare mustache hair formations.
Snow with a hoar frost
the river had some thin ice with some neat frost balls on it
more frost formations on snow
Usually the geese are pooping all over creation, but they still look great in flight
Splash at the white water park (with real white water)
this mister froze when Sadie saw him, he was eyeing a lady duck that already had a companion.
more smelly geese, they do look much better in formation  than by the hundreds on the ground.
Nice Boise creek at wintertime. 
happy dog and my mister on a nice family outing
 we stayed nice and warm and had a nice outing. all were shot with the new Sigma lens.


  1. Your Halloween pics prompted me to get a DSLR. The first lens I am going to buy is a low light lens. I really like your photos!

  2. Nice pics. Yeah, we're sooo tired of this weather. I don't mind normal winter weather (thus the yurt trips), but these inversions are just killers, aren't they?

    1. I'll take the new "warmer" weather we now have.


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