Down to the Wire

I just applied the first of three coats of sealant to this guy. Just now. His partner will need to be finished for next year. I'll paint him tomorrow and set him up to dry under the awning over the front porch. I have yet to re-wire my project enclosure for the light show. Tonight we get all the props and lights down out of the garage rafters so I can get to work after work. 

One of the reasons I'm so far behind was that we went on our haunted vacation to So Cal. Flash photography wasn't allowed in the mazes and some of the rides were water rides, so photography was out in most cases. I did get a few shots of props that were set up at the parks though.
Dinner at Universal
At the gate
The night was sold out in advance, we got in early
It got dark by the time we hit the lower lot where Pyramid Head was waiting
He and his faceless knife wielding nurse friends had fun with the crowd
Yes it's dark and grainy, but I let people go ahead of us at The Walking Dead maze to get this awesome photo. I tried to use the fence as a tripod.
Some decorations

Parting shot when we left Universal after screaming my head off and giggling hysterically for several hours. We had an amazing time.

Happy Haunting! 

I'll try to get some photos before the big night. I really want to try to get decent video.


  1. ooh, awesome! looks like you had a great adventure.

    i was walking around the neighborhood with cam the other night and we went by your house to see if the display was up yet...i told her all about your fabulous decorations. we'll have to walk by again once you get stuff up. have you seen the house at the back end of 30th (or maybe 32nd? i can't remember now)...anyway they went totally over-the-top too. you should go check it out.

  2. glad your trip went well. Looked like a ton of fun.


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