The Great Mystery Solved

Kyle and I moved into this house in Autumn 2008. The place was probably a little prefab or partially prefab HUD home from the 50's. It's a simple home, a simple rectangle on a double city lot. It is completely utilitarian and it suits us just fine. Just like any home that has been well lived in before it's current occupants, our has some interesting stories that we couldn't figure out. 

For instance, the pantry shelves came pre-labeled. We obviously don't follow the protocol. Check out this closeup.
and this one

What the hell is a 60's Song? Kyle and I figured we'd never know. That all changed last night while I was finishing up in the garden when a car slowed as it passed the house and then did a U-turn and came back. The lady in the car told me she used to live here. She lived here for about 15 years. She told me how the place was a former HUD home that she and her former husband had purchased years ago. It was a mess, the windows were rotting out, the yard had a pile of dirty diapers where the residents had thrown them out the window all winter long. She and her husband renovated the place into something livable. She told me of her fond memories of the place and the large garden they had. Apparently they raised their kid here. 

So I had to ask about the labels on the shelves in the pantry. She said she wasn't sure but then asked if she could see so it could jog her memory. So I invited her in and she oohed and aahhed over her memories of the place. She looked at the shelves and told me it was her handwriting! She couldn't remember what Peppery was, but 60's song was a different story. The mystery would be solved! She said it was an old song from the 60's thought and that was where she kept herbs. Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme. Simon and Garfunkel. Mystery solved. Wikipedia has more info on the song.

Here is the song on Youtube, with the lyrics. What a cool song of memories and a fun night of memories of the house I live in.


  1. what a cool story! i used to refer to that herb mix as "scarborough fair" but i'm totally going to start calling it "60s song" from now on. adorable.

    there are many mysteries at this house, too. for instance the front garden bed--when i dug it up a few months ago i found about 8 pennies and probably half a dozen colorful plastic halloween rings (spiders, skulls, etc.) all buried throughout the soil. maybe some kid was trying to grow money and halloween candy? i don't know. lucky you getting to talk to the old owners and solve mysteries.

  2. We are constantly digging up odd objects in one of our gardens.

  3. That is so cool! Yet seriously odd.


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