Memorial Day Garden

Red Russian Kale

Some of the plants are getting huge. This year the tomatoes, peppers, alpine strawberries, and potatoes are doing great. The peas have just started flowering, and we even have a pepper and a tomato growing. 
We have decided to aggressively prune the tomatoes so that they have a single vine growing up a single stake. In past years we had crazy unruly plants that didn't put out much fruit and the entire bed turned into a tomato jungle. So far, things are going great. 
This is our first Lipstick pepper.
This 5mm diameter tomato will hopefully grow to be a beefsteak type heirloom named White Queen.
Late evening sun on wild alpine strawberries.
Four varieties of potatoes are doing great.
This is my newest addition to the pond feature. I bought two ceramic pots and made a new fountain feature for the newest stock tank. Kyle helped me bore out the holes in the bottoms of the pots for quite a while. The original drain holes were too small for the plumbing and the pots are super tough stoneware. 


  1. Is that Red Russian Kale just for looks or is it good eats? I really like that fountain you made! Looks great!

  2. kale is looking great! i'm interested to see how that ultra-pruned tomato strategy turns out. i've heard of that technique working well but i can't bring myself to try it. do you do it on cherry tomatoes as well, or just the big beefsteaks? seems like the latter would make more sense given how productive smaller tomatoes are.

    can you believe i still haven't planted out the majority of my tomatoes? i've planted 3. with about 30 to go. i haven't even prepped that enormous space out by the coop yet. hoping to get a good start on it today.

  3. @WicKed, the kale is for eats, they make really good chips in the dehydrator.


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