Before I blogged I used to be able to afford travel.

Not fancy travel, but my flavor of travel. I like exploring the west that is rarely traveled. I like to avoid tourist destinations. Fortunately for me I live in one of the best cities for western American wilderness travel.
I moved to Boise from the Midwest over 10 years ago. The best thing I did before I met Kyle was join the local outdoors Internet listserv. I've been on some amazing I mean really amazing trips organized by local outdoors enthusiasts to wild wonderful wilderness locations. These are just two trips:


None of those places can be driven to. The next place I'm headed for is in Arizona. The Verde River. Bring it.


  1. We spent a week in Glacier National Park a couple of years ago- I never thought Idaho could be prettier. Judging from those photos, I was dead wrong. Wow.

  2. The mountain ones are Idaho, the river ones are the Salt in AZ. The Verde is in AZ as well.

  3. You'd never catch me on one of those boats. Hiking and backpacking, yes, boating, no.


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