Happy Winter Solstice 2011

Tonight is the longest night of the year. I meant to put out some luminaries, but I had to work tonight and frankly I am dead tired. I love the feeling of this night of nights. The outside is so cold, dark, and asleep while we crazy humans in this climate, somehow, survive. We decorate, drink, dine, and celebrate in the face of old man winter. We put out bright colored lights this time of year to provide some glow of light and color on these dark dark days. I love that my neighbors leave their holiday lights on 'till dawn so that when I wake up at 0600 Mountain time and leave for work at 0645, there is some sort of light in the dark frigid air. 

I read a meteorologist's blog tonight about how tomorrow's light will be a bit longer than today's. It will happen in small increments until we reach the zenith at summer solstice with sunlight until practically 2200 hrs. 

We have no snow here in Boise this solstice, so things seem especially bleak, dead, and frozen.  I will relish in the festive lights in the neighborhoods after dusk while people who are lucky have homes in which can keep cozy and warm.

Like a little kid (which I am ever at heart) I am still dreaming of the white insulating blanket of snow to compliment all those little lights. I am missing the sparkles of snow in the moonlight.


  1. that is really a sweet sentiment. you better go kill something soon, or we'll start getting the wrong idea. ; )


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