I never put stuff from Facebook on here, but I never saw this video until today and it hit me so hard. Warning, make sure you can watch this on your own time. Even me, the person that works with death, cried like a baby. It is a wonderful, inspirational video and I hope to have this sort of comfort when my last days arrive.

Simply amazing, I hope I can comfort someone as well as this dog has at least once.


  1.! I loved Baxter and his thick furry ears which made him look like a teddy bear.
    I've told my family in the past that if I'm ever in a coma, sneak my dog in to see me and I *WILL* wake up. Dogs are a major source of comfort for so many people, but I never thought about them in a situation such as hospice for the elderly. Bravo for this open-minded facility- we need more like it. And bravo to all those who work with dying people.


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